Technical spec sheet for International Passive House Days – Nov 7, 2014

Nearly finished... Installing the Lunos E2

Installing the Lunos E2

This house is a high performance, low cost, masonry retrofit. The design approach is to “gut” as little as possible, minimize the waste produced, and to use low VOC, natural non-petrochemical products.

Air tightness
Pro clima Solitex Mento 1000, DA, and Intello membranes & Tescon tapes

Exterior walls (front & back)
Redstone PURA, a mineral-based capillary-open board, 4”, R16.25

Cellar ceiling
Roxul Comfortbatt mineral wool, 7.25”, R30

Roxul Comfortbatt mineral wool, 9.5”-25.5”, R30-90

Rieder windows and doors
Douglas Fir Frame, Oiled Finish – 3 layer wood construction
triple glazing, R 10, SHGC-Value 51%, 30db

Lamilux FE skylight & exit hatch
triple glazing, R 9.5, 30% SHGC, visual transmittance 0.60
upstand of 7.9″ (200mm) insulated with 2-3/8″ (60mm) PU foam (0.023 W/mK)

Garden apartment
Mitsubishi DMXZ2B20NA 20,000 BTU heat pump (outdoor)
MSZGE06NA & MFZ-KA09 mini splits (indoor)

Upper duplex
Mitsubishi DMXZ2B20NA 20,000 BTU heat pump (outdoor).
Mitsubishi MSZGE12000 minisplit & SEZKD09 ducted (indoor)

Lunos e2 “through wall” (3 pairs, one per floor)
Ventilation rates: 10/15/20 CFM or 9/18/22CFM
Heat recovery efficiency of 90.6%, humidity recovery: 20-30%
Lunos e-go “through wall” (3rd floor bathroom)
Ventilation rates: 3-12 CFM in heat recovery mode, up to 27 CFM in exhaust mode
Heat recovery efficiency of 85%, humidity recovery: 20%

Hot water
2 GE GeoSpring Hybrid heat pump hot water heaters GEH50DEEDSR (1 per apartment)
50 gallons, estimated yearly electricity use: 1830 kWh per year, energy factor (hybrid mode):2.4

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